Muppets, and other weekend things.

Can you even believe we're only two weeks (and some change) out from Christmas? I could use another week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, but the whole calendar system is sooo bossy.

This weekend was pretty much all that a December weekend should be, and we've carpe-d the heck out of that diem. But we're tired now, and the only solution for a tired, Christmas-loving soul is a little Muppet Christmas Carol. iTunes is really robbing us blind on Christmas movies this year, but I mean, priorities.

In other weekend news:
*we got to see one of our favorite brothers/brothers-in-law on Friday night, because he works here now! what luck!
*Christmas cookies. weirdly pinkish (I'm so wary of red dye) ones with big old chocolate kisses on top.
*we helped out at the birthday party for Jesus at our church on Saturday morning, assisting some awesome kids as they wrapped gloves for other children in need. big hearts in little people. i melt. also, a nativity play with the burliest Gabriel you ever did see.
*our dear friends got engaged on Saturday night, and we surprised them with a little celebration. we're just crazy about love.
*we had the toddlers in children's church again, and I think I'm really mastering my Berenstain Bears voices.
*I've decided that brunch at Isabella's will be our new pre-Christmas tradition. I went with friends two years ago, fell in love with their decorations, and haven't stopped talking about them since. garland everywhere!
*we're continuing to keep the USPS alive with our Christmas card distribution. holiday mail is the best kind of mail.
*we went to the dog park, Gusington's most favorite of all the places in the world.

Happy Sunday!