Some thoughts on 2013.

*The other day I read something about the third year of marriage being the hardest, on average. I'm not so sure how true that was for us, since we're fairly limited in our comparison. I do know that this year (half of years three and four) was one of vulnerability in our marriage, of some shower tears (perfect for an ugly cry) and some failed communication. But here we are, and we're better for it. We've learned so much about tone this year, and the importance of prioritizing our marriage above work, other relationships, dreams and passions. We're in it, and we're in it for the long haul. I love that guy and his wild ideas.
*This year was big for us both professionally. We started new things, worked long hours and threw ourselves into areas where we can grow and excel. There's a lot of professional risk involved in this particular season of life, and we've been blessed by some of the challenges and rewards that come with taking a leap.
*We thought a lot about where we are, literally and figuratively. We signed our lease for another year, and made our plans to move (locally) next fall. We warmed to the idea of getting older. Not growing up, but actually being in our mid-twenties and looking at the real possibility that most things get better with age.
*This year, I realized that a little bit of contentment can go a long, long way. The best way to have it all is to accept that you already do. In so many of the ways that matter, we already do.