This morning's sunrise was simply stunning.

We live about three blocks from Times Square, which is kind of ridiculous, when you think about it. Problem is, we didn't really think about it when we moved. We exhausted the apartment hunt, found a place with a stove, a sink and a bathroom and raised the flag of victory over that 450 square foot space. You find yourself doing these things under pressure. Regardless, we love our home, and it has suited us quite well. Despite the throngs of lost tourists and many, many crazies, this is our comfort zone. And occasionally I'll catch a glimpse of a pink sunrise over the glittered intersection of 49th and Broadway, and my heart swims. It's pretty fantastic. 

I'm so ready for this weekend, it's not even funny. This whole week has been a bit of a scramble, and I'm not sure where the whole thing went. Plus, I hear we'll be getting a bit of snow, which is always fun. Perfect weather for the last-minute online shopping that I have to do... 

Stay warm and dry, wherever you are!