Winter weather, and other weekend things.

I talk about weekends quite a bit because (a) they're wonderful and (b) if I didn't, you would mostly hear about my job, the gym, random coffee dates and our weeknight shows. Don't get me wrong, all of these things are supremely interesting, but don't make for great blog content. And we all know that my blog always has truly awesome content. ;)

This weekend was kind of a quiet one, given the whole snow situation. On Saturday, I could have sworn the snow was blowing in my face no matter what direction I was walking. Also, you know those people who look adorable when they're all bundled for a day of snow walks? I am not one of those people. I much prefer channeling Randy a la Christmas Story.

And some other things from the weekend:
*on Friday night, I met up with some old friends at Cafe Minerva, which is adorable and just perfect for an evening of catch-up.
*a Christmas cookie swap, which is wonderful in theory and terrible in reality. I will never eat sugar again. or at least not for another month.
*a morning workout, followed by last-minute Christmas shopping and errands. glamorous.
*brunch at Puttanesca, which had the most beautiful decorations and view out into the falling snow.
*lessons & carols at our church, which has a lot of meaningful programs during the Advent season, if you're looking.
*vegetarian chili making in our fancypants Creuset. mayyybe I just enjoy making chili because I like seeing some of our prettier kitchen things out in the open? and mayyybe this is the first time we've ever made anything in the Creuset?
*a Sunday afternoon of reading and TED Talk listening. Fun fact: TED is headquartered on the floor below me at work.
*a friend's dance recital. I'm crazy proud of her for trying something new. sometimes, we make too many excuses for not doing things that help us grow.
*and a gloomy Sunday night, because we all have those every once in a while.
 ^^do you see Blake's additions to my Sunday list? sadly, we didn't get around to the onion rings or robot building.^^