A weekend for knee socks and tea.

Given the foul weather this weekend, we took to spending time inside under blankets. We only ventured out for the gym, groceries, church and a quick trip to The Plaza for Lady M's Mille Crepes (honestly, you must go). This time of the year can be rather stale here in the city, with dirty snow piled up on street corners and a few sad Christmas lights remaining on fire escapes. But there's a beauty in what remains. A beauty in obstinance and beginning anew. 

Our time indoors was occupied with books (I'm loving this), documentaries (this was fascinating) and brunch for two (or three. blake dropped his eggs on the floor this morning, to gusington's benefit).

When all is said and done, I will think romantically on this time in our little apartment off of Ninth Avenue - the smells of homemade tomato sauce on the stove, a snoring bulldog, knees tucked on a rear window perch with an achingly beautiful view. This is a place where my soul lives outside of my body, raw and openhanded, eating up Manhattan with a spoon.
 ^^downstairs at The Plaza.^^