Chelsea Market, and other weekend things.

Lately, the weather around here has been a bit dreary - lots of maybe-it-will-rain clouds and heaven-help-us-the-world-is-freezing-over cold. But that didn't hold us back from a truly stellar weekend. No, sir. We are dedicated to the weekend cause, especially when we've cut back from 126,243 tissues a day to 5 or 6. A light at the end of this very viscous tunnel (gross, but how often can you say "viscous"? Not that often!) 

For our Saturday adventure, we took a long walk down to Chelsea Market to scout out imported Italian goods, grab some lunch and do some grocery shopping. The Meatpacking District is one of my favorites in the city; so much history and so many cobblestones. The sound of footsteps on cobblestones is probably one of my top ten sounds. Not that I'm keeping a list or anything... 

Other weekend things: 
*we had a beautiful Sunday brunch with friends on the Upper West Side. 
*Gus made a trip to the dog park, where he played with a bulldog friend. I'm not sure I can adequately describe how happy it makes us to see him play with other bulldogs. like bowling balls with legs. 
*we took a cheesemaking class on Sunday night, so we now have over a pound of mozzarella in our fridge. I'm fairly certain that cheesemaking is a necessary life skill. 
*is it just me, or were there a million sports games on TV this weekend? I've reached my quota. 
*speaking of, we also watched this movie and listened to this TED Talk on how great leaders inspire action (some awesome MLK thoughts in there). 
*Gus continues to be fascinated by yoga, and really enjoys a nice yoga mat nap. 
*I went for a long walk through Central Park while catching up with a friend. those things do wonders for a clear head. 
*bathing suit shopping in January. honestly, you'd think I'd know better. but my overall paleness did not prevent me from scoring a six dollar bathing suit. a whole six dollars. 
*this place was a delightful afternoon hangout spot, and their butternut squash soup had cream cheese in it. I'm not even sure this was intentional, but it was delicious. 
*tonight we're headed to The Colbert Report after snagging tickets on a whim. This guy is making a guest appearance, so our expectations are pretty high. 

Hope you had a relaxing weekend, wherever you are! 


  1. Saturday adventures in the city are like a mini vacation on their own, aren't they? this past weekend I went to the manhattan vintage clothing show (totally worth the $15 to get in the door, I could have spent all day in there) and perused parts of Williamsburg, hitting up the Brooklyn winery and the night bazaar! sometimes you have to pinch yourself that you live in such a wonderful place, right? right. cheers!

    1. I've never been, but you've piqued my interest! And I wholeheartedly agree.


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