Guys, this week was long.

Between the noise from the frat house next door (not really, but kind of. college boys who party until 5am on weeknights: please grow up.), lots of work deadlines and multiple falls down the stairs, this week was a bit of an ugly one. An ugly mess of a cold week. If you're also struggling to get through the madness/coldness that is January, here are some things that may brighten your day:
^^this candle. i'm not even sure what it smells like (what is marshmallow fireside?), but it's delightful. it's also adorably small.^^
 ^^i mean, this is obvious. do i even need this here?^^
 ^^this, because hello! hibiscus.^^
 ^^this shower gel. instant tropical paradise.^^
 ^^this, which came in my stocking and makes your skin crazy soft.^^
^^and if all else fails, magnolia's banana pudding, which is the best in all the land.^^