It Must Be December

How do I know? Because so many exciting things are happening, I'm finding it difficult to focus on homework, mealtimes, or the ever-increasing list of to-be-returned work emails. At 3PM I reviewed what I had eaten today: 1 gingerbread poptart. Well done, Stevie - kudos on healthy choices.

For starters, I received a card in the mail from my best friend, Rachel Hogue. Rachel has been my other half since before I knew that souls came as counterparts. We met at 9 months old, spent every waking moment together until we were 18, and still communicate in some medium multiple times a week. When her family decided to move to Montana three years ago, a part of my heart went with them. That was when we instated the "little girl cards"; periodically, we send each other greeting cards, always with two little girls on the front. I probably have twenty cards from Rachel. They always make my day.

Second, I put Christmas decorations up yesterday. Instant mood-enhancer.

Third, Rachel Strasner got ENGAGED yesterday on her 22nd birthday! I'm so happy for her and I know that she will be an absolutely beautiful bride!