Mozzarella: it's what's for dinner tonight and tomorrow and Friday.

^^that is the face of a true cheese artist. such concentration!^^
On Sunday night, we headed down to Brick NYC for a mozzarella cheesemaking (I've seen multiple spellings, okay? I'm going to say it's one word.) class that we bought through Groupon earlier this month. It was really quite easy - throw some curd in hot, salty water and mash that baby up until it starts to look like mozzarella. My kind of DIY. 

We left with a bunch of cheese, and whenever I've opened the fridge over the last few days, Gus manages to stick his whole face inside ("show me where you're hiding it, I beg of you"). We were told to keep the cheese in that salty water overnight to soften; I'm pretty sure it's no longer a solid, because I'm just now remembering that it's still marinading... woops.

In any case, we had a great time. If I'm ever stranded on a deserted island with just my husband and a block of mozzarella (transporters of cheese over the Atlantic, obviously), we'll be entertained for dayyys. Weeks, even, depending on our access to cold water for a makeshift refrigerator.

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