Reasons to fall in love with winter in New York.

Yesterday afternoon we headed up to Central Park as the snow was beginning to fall. It would have been ideal sledding weather, if we had been in possession of a sled. We wandered through the Ramble and ended up at the Central Park Boathouse, where we decided to warm up over brunch.

I think it's one of those afternoons I'll remember all my life - the stillness beneath snow-flocked boughs, the pure whiteness from the frozen pond all the way to the Bethesda Fountain. A nearly impossible perfection, heartbreaking in its transience.


  1. I keep asking my husband (ok, I'm practically begging him at this point in our 5 years of marriage) to please take me to NYC, specifically during the winter. These pictures are absolutely perfect ammunition. ;)

  2. Ha! Happy to help a good cause :)


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