Sick day, and a new look.

Remember when you were a kid and sick days weren't so bad because they meant you could stay home from school, eat macaroni and cheese and watch Dawson's Creek all afternoon? Well, kids: be forewarned. Adult sick days are not like this. You will wake up to find your dog's poo on the floor because he could not tolerate the change in your sleeping schedule. You will have many, many work deadlines. You will eat lots of carbs and then curse the day carbs came into being. Worst of all, when you're an adult, Dawson's Creek will start to seem really stupid and you'll realize that James Van Der Beek's haircut looked distinctly butt-like.

This is the kind of day I'm having.

But hey! We have a new look around here, courtesy of the fabulous This Girl Loves. Bright side!