We're wild and crazy sometimes.

Last night we opted to stay in - the weather being what it's been (terrible. it's been terrible.) and conversations being what they've been (non-existent. they haven't even existed this week.), we were due for a night of bulldog belly rubs and long talks over wine and Chipotle (we are theee classiest).

In other news: parentheses are my favorite form of punctuation.

Around 9pm we had a mutual craving - a common symptom of being together for nearly 10 years. We ordered in ice cream from a place down the street, because we definitely weren't going out into the freezing cold to pick that stuff up. I mean, it was about 15 degrees out. The logic checks out, right? Right.

And then I fell asleep on our couch before midnight with Runaway Bride playing in the background. So that was our Friday night.
p.s. Gus loves ice cream. 

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