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Stream of consciousness on a Tuesday evening:
*when I got to work this morning, I had an email from Blake about his walk with Gus last night. the message was as follows: Before I forget this, I wanted to get it down somewhere: I was walking Gus tonight and we come upon a French couple. They are making out ... HARDDD. Gus doesn't like this. He won't stop staring at them and starts growling and barking. As we walk by them, he won't go too far so he can look back and growl. When I finally get him inside he stands in the doorway looking out the window and growling. Stops at the top of each staircase to look behind us. Then stares down the door when we make it back in the apartment. He really doesn't like French people (we didn't teach him this, I swear) and/or making out.
*when did "how are you?" stop warranting a response? honestly, it's terribly confusing to me. not that I want a full play-by-play of everything you ate/saw/did today (let's not go crazy), but I'm genuinely interested when I ask. conversation: the fine art.
*Blake rubs my head every single night as I fall asleep. every. single. night. have I talked about this before? gross oversight on my part, if not. he really is so selfless in this way. sometimes I return the favor (this is just not my love language. but it might be his, sooo...) and I like to document it (above) for posterity.
*I have two plants on my desk: one IKEA plant that I purchased almost a year ago, and a tiny cactus. both are hanging on for dear life. every morning I look at them and think, "I should water those babies." then I get distracted. note to self: you are not allowed to buy any more live plants.
*do you know how fantastic cheese sticks are? so fantastic. I'm very into them these days.