Fifty in February.

Break out the bathing suits! 

Here are a few things from a warmer weekend in the city: 
 We (well, I) stopped at Juice Generation for a Mr. Greengenes, which is my very favorite thing to drink these days. Blake was a little turned off by the color, but he conceded that my taste buds are superior and the drink is delicious. We then walked it around the park with our fingers and tongues freezing off. Note: fifty degrees is not eighty degrees. 
We stopped at the Met on Saturday afternoon to appreciate the finer things/get lost. Some of the best museums here in the city have a suggested donation for entry; there was some speculation about that changing later last year, which had me all up in arms about art for the masses (give the plebeians their Pollack)! Thankfully, it was just speculation. 
 Also, people watching is sometimes better than art watching. This is the best place to do it, hands down.
 Here's Blake (aka, Prince Igor) during our rest in Lincoln Center while walking the groceries home. When we left the grocery store on Sunday afternoon, we developed this grand plan to walk those 30 blocks, given the nice weather and all. And then one of the bags broke - there was pasta in the street and lots of dirty water everywhere. The walk was a labor of love. We love having you around, groceries.  
 Also, I found this great rug for an absolute steal. Gus thinks it's a toy, and has been trying to eat it since we brought it home. 
 Gus was very disappointed in the way UConn played on Sunday. He broke out his bandanna for these shenanigans?! I don't think so.  
 And here's Blake again, contemplating life at the Met. He does that sometimes.
This is our classic "we give up" stance at the end of the day. When all coursework has been completed and emails have been responded to and toddlers have been entertained (we had another big group at church this week, and we made miracle banners. it's a thing.) and dog parks have been shown who's boss, we assume position. Leg up, bulldog in leg nest, almond M&Ms at arms length. 
Also, Bagels & Co. for breakfast. That is all. 



One of my goals for this season (or really, for life) was to spend more time in our apartment with my person and pup. For having two demanding jobs, one nutrition program, social obligations and differing hobbies, we do spend quite a bit of time together. I'm not particularly good at sitting still, though, so much of that time is spent exploring. Lately, we've been more intentional about having afternoons and evenings in our home - there's an intimacy to the space that you create, and it can't be found anywhere else.

Last weekend we saw big, beautiful flakes of snow fall in our community garden, which made it easy to stay inside. With 50 degree temperatures this weekend, it's been more of a challenge. We're up to it, and we're not complaining. Definitely not complaining.


Games we play.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that we visited Eastside Billiards for a little friendly competition. But it wasn't a competition at all, really, because Blake is a billiards champ. Who knew? Not me, and I've been with the guy for ten years now. Ten whole years, as of this month.

In any case, it's a true blessing that I'm such a wonderful sport (sometimes), because my billiards performance is shameful. We kind of loved it for a low-key, winter date - I only wish we had a place closer to our apartment. If we did, we'd both be headed to the 9-Ball Championships by now... probably.

Have a wonderful weekend!


A winter cobbler.

Really, the only thing that makes this a "winter cobbler" is the fact that it was made in February. But there's something about a warm cobbler served up in a skillet that cures the winter blues. With some milder weather over the last 24 hours (40 degrees?? Is that you, spring?!) I'm already feeling a little more like myself. Funny how that happens - these winter months have a way of turning everything on its head.

(for blueberry mixture)
*2 pints blueberries
*2 tbsp unsalted butter
*1 tsp cinnamon
*2 tbsp sugar
*1 tbsp lemon juice
*2 tbsp water
*2 tsp corn starch

(for topping)
*1 1/4 c flour
*1 1/2 tsp baking powder
*1/2 tsp salt
*1/2 c sugar
*3/4 c whole milk
*5 tbsp butter, cut in cubes
*1 tsp vanilla extract

Directions over here. Best topped with vanilla heath bar crunch ice cream.


Cold, quiet weekend.

Our long weekend was a quiet one. I didn't leave the house all day Saturday - not even to walk the dog. Since I've been fighting off a couple of bugs, Blake took Gus out in the morning and let me sleep late. And then there was work to be done. It seems to pile up these days. The snow (the insane snow!) tends to keep us close to home, anyway.

On Sunday afternoon we headed out to Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, which have moved indoors for the winter. Hard to say which setup I like better: up against the backdrop of the East River or the enormous (and very Brooklyn) factory space that they have now. Either way, it's the best place for a doughnut on the weekend.

I'm off today for the holiday, and I think we'll keep to the low-key theme.

Happy Monday, all.


A surprise date.

For our Valentine's Day date, Blake surprised me with tickets to The Bridges of Madison County. We've been wanting to go since we saw that Jason Robert Brown did the music (we adore him), and it didn't disappoint. The directing and lead talent was incredible. 

Valentine's Day is slowly growing on me, and that husband of mine is becoming more of a mush with every passing year. This is my favorite stage of him so far.

Hope you had a sweet holiday, filled with the ones you love.


This is a face I love.

A classic Gus face that I close the door on every morning, and my soul weeps. Those eyes. They kill me.

Seems like everyone has the winter blues around here, but at least we're in it together.


Our diner, and other weekend things.

We head out to our diner almost every weekend. It has become ours in the sense that it keeps our secrets, our serious talks and our games of "celebrity net worth." It's so many of the things we love about the city, wrapped up in a nutshell and served with a side of toast. And I hope that it will be ours for a long, long time.

Other weekend things:
*we both had long Fridays, so we stayed in. we ordered Mexican food and stayed up late watching About Time, which we enjoyed to an embarrassing degree.
*I had quite a bit of work to get done on Saturday, so I went straight to Starbucks from the gym. so much of the best thinking happens in a coffee shop.
*we played billiards on the Upper East Side on Saturday night, and Blake is amaaaazing. seriously, I have no idea how he's hidden this skill from me for so long.
*we stopped at the bookstore on the way home, and looked at bulldog books for way too long. then we were like, "wait! we have one of these at home! so great!"
*Blake also co-taught children's church without my company, because he's a rockstar. the kids adore Mr. Blake because he lets them take out all the toys and color on the table.
*I read more of this book, which I discovered after the author wrote a great essay in The New York Times.
*we had a lovely dinner party with friends on Sunday night and spent lots of time discussing Myers-Briggs. it was all very civilized.



 ^^Gus gave up on his daily yoga resolution on January 1st. We've been on a tortellini kick, and Blake knows his garnishes.^^ 
 ^^We got to see two of my dearest college friends over Christmas vacation, and they got engaged last weekend! Blake worked very, very hard, and I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished.^^
 ^^We walked around SoHo in the rain and taught the four-year-olds in children's church (where were wardrobes of wonder when I was four?!)^^
 ^^We had the most beautiful brunch with friends and went to see Stephen Colbert in the flesh.^^
 ^^We walked through Central Park in the snow and decided on the Boathouse for brunch. Gus routinely avoids his arch nemesis, Mr. Space Heater.^^
 ^^I met a friend's beautiful baby girl, Elena Noelle, and tried the stinkiest cheese of all time with colleagues.^^
 ^^I've been reading lots of studies about aspartame and I spent a long evening at the doctor after coming down with a bit of an illness.^^
 ^^My company launched a marketing campaign around showing up differently, and more snow fell on NYC.^^


Just a little bit of what I'd like to be doing more of.

On special weekend occasions, Gus is allowed up on the bed with us. This privilege is conditional: he's never to a) make a stinky or b) go on the white comforter, sheets or pillows. He likes to get awfully close. 

Also, I'd like to be sleeping more these days. That is all.


Nights out, and other weekend things.

We had a working weekend around here, which meant we were pretty much glued to our computers through daylight hours (blood shot eyes are so attractive. in better news, I ordered new glasses.) On Saturday night we were on the verge of insanity, because it really only takes 24 hours in a 400 sq. foot space.

We headed down to the West Village for dinner with friends at Cafe Minerva, which is quickly becoming my favorite. It's just quiet enough, and the paninis are divine. They're also small, so we wandered around the neighborhood in hot pursuit of a dessert afterward. Photos to prove it! 

Other weekend things:
*the dog park, a bulldog and his frisbee. the makings of a crazy good thirty minutes. 
*meeting a friend's new baby girl. I am here to testify that nothing smells better than a new baby. 
*a manicure to cure what ails you.
*a walk through Central Park and a stop at our favorite diner.
*this restaurant for a date night on Friday.
*a class video conference. can we all agree that video conferences are always, always awkward? please say it's not just me.
*and endorphins to sustain hours of work and studying.
*also, two of my dearest college friends got engaged on Sunday, so that was wayyy more exciting than the Super Bowl... 


Back at it.

A few weeks ago, I kicked off the final course in my Tufts Nutrition Science & Communication program. This week has been the most intensive thus far, which was pretty terrible timing, given the craziness at work (one of my clients has an ad in the big game tomorrow). But come May, I will have completed this certification. That feels really good to say.

And who knew I would be so into translating nutrition research? Statistics, guys. It's my jam these days. All of the cool kids are in on it.