Cold, quiet weekend.

Our long weekend was a quiet one. I didn't leave the house all day Saturday - not even to walk the dog. Since I've been fighting off a couple of bugs, Blake took Gus out in the morning and let me sleep late. And then there was work to be done. It seems to pile up these days. The snow (the insane snow!) tends to keep us close to home, anyway.

On Sunday afternoon we headed out to Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, which have moved indoors for the winter. Hard to say which setup I like better: up against the backdrop of the East River or the enormous (and very Brooklyn) factory space that they have now. Either way, it's the best place for a doughnut on the weekend.

I'm off today for the holiday, and I think we'll keep to the low-key theme.

Happy Monday, all.


  1. That weekend looks magical (especially the doughnuts)!

  2. The doughnuts, Courtney! They were a love letter to carbs.


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