Fifty in February.

Break out the bathing suits! 

Here are a few things from a warmer weekend in the city: 
 We (well, I) stopped at Juice Generation for a Mr. Greengenes, which is my very favorite thing to drink these days. Blake was a little turned off by the color, but he conceded that my taste buds are superior and the drink is delicious. We then walked it around the park with our fingers and tongues freezing off. Note: fifty degrees is not eighty degrees. 
We stopped at the Met on Saturday afternoon to appreciate the finer things/get lost. Some of the best museums here in the city have a suggested donation for entry; there was some speculation about that changing later last year, which had me all up in arms about art for the masses (give the plebeians their Pollack)! Thankfully, it was just speculation. 
 Also, people watching is sometimes better than art watching. This is the best place to do it, hands down.
 Here's Blake (aka, Prince Igor) during our rest in Lincoln Center while walking the groceries home. When we left the grocery store on Sunday afternoon, we developed this grand plan to walk those 30 blocks, given the nice weather and all. And then one of the bags broke - there was pasta in the street and lots of dirty water everywhere. The walk was a labor of love. We love having you around, groceries.  
 Also, I found this great rug for an absolute steal. Gus thinks it's a toy, and has been trying to eat it since we brought it home. 
 Gus was very disappointed in the way UConn played on Sunday. He broke out his bandanna for these shenanigans?! I don't think so.  
 And here's Blake again, contemplating life at the Met. He does that sometimes.
This is our classic "we give up" stance at the end of the day. When all coursework has been completed and emails have been responded to and toddlers have been entertained (we had another big group at church this week, and we made miracle banners. it's a thing.) and dog parks have been shown who's boss, we assume position. Leg up, bulldog in leg nest, almond M&Ms at arms length. 
Also, Bagels & Co. for breakfast. That is all. 

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  1. So cozy! I love the vibe all your photos have. :)


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