One of my goals for this season (or really, for life) was to spend more time in our apartment with my person and pup. For having two demanding jobs, one nutrition program, social obligations and differing hobbies, we do spend quite a bit of time together. I'm not particularly good at sitting still, though, so much of that time is spent exploring. Lately, we've been more intentional about having afternoons and evenings in our home - there's an intimacy to the space that you create, and it can't be found anywhere else.

Last weekend we saw big, beautiful flakes of snow fall in our community garden, which made it easy to stay inside. With 50 degree temperatures this weekend, it's been more of a challenge. We're up to it, and we're not complaining. Definitely not complaining.

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  1. being homebound is good. lots of love and prayers to you two, candy and leo


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