^^Gus gave up on his daily yoga resolution on January 1st. We've been on a tortellini kick, and Blake knows his garnishes.^^ 
 ^^We got to see two of my dearest college friends over Christmas vacation, and they got engaged last weekend! Blake worked very, very hard, and I'm so proud of all that he's accomplished.^^
 ^^We walked around SoHo in the rain and taught the four-year-olds in children's church (where were wardrobes of wonder when I was four?!)^^
 ^^We had the most beautiful brunch with friends and went to see Stephen Colbert in the flesh.^^
 ^^We walked through Central Park in the snow and decided on the Boathouse for brunch. Gus routinely avoids his arch nemesis, Mr. Space Heater.^^
 ^^I met a friend's beautiful baby girl, Elena Noelle, and tried the stinkiest cheese of all time with colleagues.^^
 ^^I've been reading lots of studies about aspartame and I spent a long evening at the doctor after coming down with a bit of an illness.^^
 ^^My company launched a marketing campaign around showing up differently, and more snow fell on NYC.^^

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