Nights out, and other weekend things.

We had a working weekend around here, which meant we were pretty much glued to our computers through daylight hours (blood shot eyes are so attractive. in better news, I ordered new glasses.) On Saturday night we were on the verge of insanity, because it really only takes 24 hours in a 400 sq. foot space.

We headed down to the West Village for dinner with friends at Cafe Minerva, which is quickly becoming my favorite. It's just quiet enough, and the paninis are divine. They're also small, so we wandered around the neighborhood in hot pursuit of a dessert afterward. Photos to prove it! 

Other weekend things:
*the dog park, a bulldog and his frisbee. the makings of a crazy good thirty minutes. 
*meeting a friend's new baby girl. I am here to testify that nothing smells better than a new baby. 
*a manicure to cure what ails you.
*a walk through Central Park and a stop at our favorite diner.
*this restaurant for a date night on Friday.
*a class video conference. can we all agree that video conferences are always, always awkward? please say it's not just me.
*and endorphins to sustain hours of work and studying.
*also, two of my dearest college friends got engaged on Sunday, so that was wayyy more exciting than the Super Bowl... 

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