Our diner, and other weekend things.

We head out to our diner almost every weekend. It has become ours in the sense that it keeps our secrets, our serious talks and our games of "celebrity net worth." It's so many of the things we love about the city, wrapped up in a nutshell and served with a side of toast. And I hope that it will be ours for a long, long time.

Other weekend things:
*we both had long Fridays, so we stayed in. we ordered Mexican food and stayed up late watching About Time, which we enjoyed to an embarrassing degree.
*I had quite a bit of work to get done on Saturday, so I went straight to Starbucks from the gym. so much of the best thinking happens in a coffee shop.
*we played billiards on the Upper East Side on Saturday night, and Blake is amaaaazing. seriously, I have no idea how he's hidden this skill from me for so long.
*we stopped at the bookstore on the way home, and looked at bulldog books for way too long. then we were like, "wait! we have one of these at home! so great!"
*Blake also co-taught children's church without my company, because he's a rockstar. the kids adore Mr. Blake because he lets them take out all the toys and color on the table.
*I read more of this book, which I discovered after the author wrote a great essay in The New York Times.
*we had a lovely dinner party with friends on Sunday night and spent lots of time discussing Myers-Briggs. it was all very civilized.

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