Billie Holiday, and other weekend things.

I'm short on words (and patience, in many ways) this weekend. All of my best words have been used up on nutrition work, and I expect it to stay that way over the next few weeks. We did try to spend some time relaxing yesterday, since I'm out of town for work over the next two weekends and Blake begins his new commute tomorrow.

And these are the things we've been enjoying lately:
*Billie Holiday and Jonsi, on repeat.
*a glass of champagne to celebrate new beginnings and blessings of all kinds.
*American Hustle, which surpassed my expectations, given mixed reviews from friends and colleagues.
*New York's most beautiful park just before the rain.
*a concert at Pianos with many friends we haven't seen since high school.
*this book for subway reading, which is also surprising me. i'm not crazy about historical fiction, but Paula McLain has a great voice.
*egg sandwiches almost every day. i'm going through a phase.
*talks about heaven with four-year-olds in our Sunday school class.
*also, days best spent inside.

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