First weekend of spring in Connecticut.

We're in Connecticut this weekend for a bit of a breather. I haven't been out of the city for more than a few hours since Christmas, which is the longest stretch since we moved. We're overdue.

On Thursday, we took the train out with Gus, who is such a trouper. Getting over to Grand Central is no small undertaking for the little guy, but he takes everything in stride (including the bit of stomach trouble he had while walking). He's been on my mind quite a bit lately, as Blake is opening up an office in Connecticut and plans to commute out every day. It'll be a big change, since Blake has worked from home for the last few years with our bulldog acting as sidekick for the last two of those years. I know the adjustment will take some time, but I'm so proud of all of the work Blake has done to get to this point.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We're off to take in some sunshine.

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