Friday night ping pong with the hip crowd.

Last night, Blake and I went to a ping pong event at City Lore's new location in the East Village. I found the event on the Time Out New York site earlier in the week and was pretty sure this was right up our alley. Blake is nothing if not a great ping pong player (we like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs of the lesser-appreciated sports, to a small degree. also, basketball. if UConn doesn't win tonight, the mood around here is going to be ugly. his, not mine. also, every English teacher I ever had would be furious if they saw this parenthetical content. but the grammatical freedom is one of the great beauties of having a lifestyle blog, no?)...

Where was I?

Ping pong. We played and listened to a riveting history of the sport before we watched City Lore's founder duel it out with the The New York Times crossword puzzle editor. The entertainment value! My goodness, it was ridiculous and awesome.

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