Living small.

About this time each year (and with increasing impact each year), I get the winter fidgets. I start talking about a move to warmer climates, sunnier days, unfamiliar cities with different challenges. Any challenges, so long as they're different.

It's a quality that I so dislike in myself, and a characteristic that I would feel so very lost without - this constant hunger. I can testify that there are two sides to every coin.

The reality is that we're almost three years older than we were when we moved into this space. We've put three years worth of memories into our home, into our city. We brought a dog into this space. We welcomed friends and family members within its walls, swept and tended its floors and wished for more counter space, time and again. We've laughed until we cried, and cried for want of more laughter, too. We've nursed aches and dreams - some that have died and some that remain. We are different people for the life this apartment has held.

All in all, I'm not sure we'll ever want a space larger than the one that carries the few small things most important to us. Living small removes so much of the complexity.

You've been good to us, little home, and we love you for it.

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