North Shore meets NYC, and other weekend things.

Our dear friends Heather and Brian came to visit this weekend, and they brought some warm weather with them (despite being from the Boston area). They are our kindred spirits - lovers of adventure, good food, Disney and dogs. When they moved us out of our apartment in Massachusetts, Heather and I sobbed like two friends who would never see each other again. Turns out you can find time for the people who mean something to you, even when separated by long distances. But hey, I'm not one to turn down a nice, cathartic cry.

Other weekend things:
*we took our visitors to Ruby's in the East Village, home to "One of Blake's Favorite Burgers." the list is very official.
*we walked around the Flatiron District, ran into two dead ends for a post-dinner drink and ended up cabbing back to our neighborhood for a drink at the very same place we had Heather's bachelorette party. we are predictable.
*a park run, the dog run and a grocery store run kept us outside on Saturday morning. vitamin D revives the soul, my friends.
*we took another walk through the park on Sunday after brunch.
*every couple of years I get really into House Hunters. the obsession is baaaack. we watch it with such seriousness. real estate is no joke.
*now we're settling in for the evening, listening to church podcasts, reading books and eating cheese.

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