Tulips and trains and things.

I'm ready to admit that this winter was a rough one for us. I hope most of the frustration and overall heaviness was spared from this little piece of the internet, but I know that some of it crept in. The heaviness got the best of me this winter, and I don't like it one bit.

A corner was turned this weekend; I'm certain of it. We are on to better days, more sleep, less illness, some stress relief. Welcome, sweet spring. Be kinder to us.

Weekend things (for posterity, you know):
^^Gus is really getting in the spirit this year.^^
 ^^You should know that we have 24,504 pictures that look exactly like this. Sometimes Gus pines for the Amish farm where he was born. The Amish don't do these ridiculous things.^^
 ^^Speaking of ridiculous things... my dad has his own meat spray. And a wifi-enabled smoker in the backyard.^^
 ^^Tulips. They're the greatest.^^
 ^^A birthday barbecue for grandparents and uncle. We love you guys!^^
 ^^And we stopped at Lenny & Joe's for lunch, as one does. My lunch not pictured. This was aaaall Blake.^^
^^A long walk down to the beach.^^
 ^^And a long walk home from Grand Central.^^

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