The truth of the matter.

We're not owed anything, I'm afraid. Not warm homes or loved ones or a God who knows and seeks and does not let go. Not good jobs, healthy bodies, food on the table, novels to read or sturdy shoes. I have to assume that much of life is learning what we owe the world around us, and stretching enough to give little pieces of ourselves away. The things that rush hour in the city will remind you.


We mostly just ate this weekend.

I don't even want to discuss how many eggs I ate this weekend. Oh fine, fine. If you must know (and you must. this is earth-shattering stuff, for sure), I ate more than 10 eggs this weekend, by my calculations. It's the only thing I want to eat these days. Eggs with cheese. Note to self: check cholesterol. 

On a related note, I wrap up my nutrition stats course (and the whole program, for that matter) next weekend. So we'll be toasting to that. Over more eggs, of course. 

Other weekend things: 
*I finished this book, which was a dystopian tear-jerker. I wept like a small child. Still good. 
*We took a painting class and expressed our interpretation of the NYC skyline. More to come on that little piece of magic. 
*Two brunches; this place in our neighborhood was great. 
*We were teaching the four year olds at church again, and Mr. Blake performed a skit in large group. This is what happens when there's one male to every seven female teachers. 
*Whole grain protein pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips for breakfast this morning, and I'm still trying to figure out how to froth milk for coffee without a frother. Two failed attempts thus far. 
*We've gotten into Veep recently. Tony Hale really sells it for us. 
*Homemade Mexican food on the menu tonight. 
*A long morning run on Saturday, followed by off-leashing and coffees in the park. 
*Spring tulips and more of these candles, which I've stocked up on. Nice candles are a non-necessity, but it's one thing I'm willing to splurge on. 
*A nap and two 10pm bedtimes. I'm assuming we'll fare similarly this evening. 


Friday breakfast date.

After powering through a few things in Connecticut this week, Blake decided to work from home today. We kicked Friday off with a breakfast date, which was probably the best idea we've had all month. If I were queen, there would be breakfast dates for all, every day. Mandatory.
^^such menu concentration. there is no messing around when it comes to eggs and pancakes.^^
Aaaand off to work. Have a lovely Friday! 



The weather was beyond ideal for a nice trip up to Central Park on Saturday morning. We started a load of laundry, harnessed that pup of ours and walked the 10 blocks up to greener pastures. The thing is, our internal clocks are rocking and rolling at 6am these days, so we're lucky enough to be awake for those cool spring weekend mornings. I'm into it. I really am.

We were on deadline; the park is kind enough to let dogs roam free before 9am and after 9pm each day. Thus is born a new extreme sport we like to call "off-leashing" - a sport for me and Blake, mostly. It goes something like this: walk to location in the park with large canine gathering, pray for no picnics in vicinity, unleash bulldog with bowling ball-like tendencies, watch bulldog sprint like maniac through legs/over other dogs, apologize when grown man is almost knocked clear on hindquarters, hold breath while bulldog jumps up and down bleachers, avoid your own near-toppling, await tiring of wild beast. It's fun.

Before we headed back home, we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien for coffee and a small breakfast. I decided that this, this here. This is the perfect morning.


Easter Sunday, 2014.

We stayed in the city again this Easter, needing some time at home, together, with our dog. This morning we slept in, made banana pancakes and headed to the 10am service at our church, which had a line wrapped around the block (even longer than last year's!). After the service, we took a walk through the park to the Upper East Side, where we had brunch with my grandparents at Island. It was as I had always known Easter Sunday growing up - nice weather, long church mornings and family brunches, minus the matching outfits and egg hunts. Something to miss and something to look forward to, when the time comes. 

This season is so important to us, symbolizing new birth and serving as a reminder of the freedom that we have through saving grace. Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. He is risen! 
^^i know, i know. so out of focus. better luck next time.^^


Q Drinks.

A few weeks ago, Blake and I had the opportunity to try out Q Drinks. Blake is more of the soda drinker in this house, but I kept seeing the glass bottles in our grocery store and loved the ingredient label (short and sweet).
We opened the bottles as soon as we got them and had little taste test, toasting to the end of winter and (in the name of all that is good, let there be) warmer months ahead.
Lemon was the favorite, with grapefruit a close second. Things should taste like what they are, you know? 
And there you have it. Your installment of Things You Should Be Drinking, brought to you by someone who rarely drinks anything other than water, coffee, green smoothies and red wine. Enjoy.

*The good people at Q drinks provided samples, and we are terribly grateful. 


Palm Sunday.

^^picked up these bad boys from the airport on my way home. einstein bagels are simply the best.^^
A snapshot of a wonderfully relaxing Palm Sunday here in the city. The temperature was perfect and the trees are just starting to bloom. These pink blossoms are only around for a hot second, and I welcome their coming wholeheartedly. The little things, you know. 


Just a short trip to Denver.

I'm back out west for another dietetic conference. It was one of the quickest trips of all time - just 24 hours in Denver and back on another plane to New York. On the way here, I had an entire (rowdy) college lacrosse team behind me, so my fingers are crossed for a more optimal situation this time around. Have you heard that I'm a curmudgeonly old man? I am.

Anyway, Denver is great. Lots of wide open spaces and Rocky Mountain views. Plus, I was able to see my great aunt and her husband while I was out here, which was lovely. We talked for hours about family history (my great-grandmother Frankie spoke fluent Norwegian, which makes me like her all the more) and animal nutrition and Europe. All of the usual things you talk about when you're related and haven't seen each other in years.

Homeward bound in T minus 2 hours.
 ^^my hair is (very much unintentionally) pulling a full-on Marsha Brady these days. I begged the hotel salon to end the madness, but they were having none of it. it's becoming a crisis situation.^^


My trusty sidekick.

Yesterday I worked from home part of the morning because I was supporting a client activation in Times Square (just a hop, skip and a jump away) in the afternoon. This meant Gus had the privilege of sidekicking it, and he does it with such pizzazz. He really is the funniest creature I've ever laid eyes on. I'm fairly certain he's some sort of rare bear-pig-dog hybrid; a bigog, if you will.

In the evening, I took our bigog to the dog park to expend a little energy and assuage some of my dog parent guilt (gag. I just referred to myself as a "dog parent.") And then. AND THEN. Blake joined us, because he's been in the city at a healthcare conference for the last two days and was able to get home early. We were the happiest wife and bigog you ever did see.

Hope you had a similarly thrilling Wednesday.


Malibu, CA.

Following the California Dietetic Association's annual meeting on Saturday (I was attending on behalf of a client), I headed out to North Hollywood for a quick visit with Rebekah and James. I've known these two since college, and there's an effortlessness to our conversations and happiness in being together. There is nothing quite like the laughter of old friends, no? 

We took a drive out to Malibu in the afternoon, stopping for pressed juice better sipped with windows down to let in delicious sea breezes. This place is heaven on earth, and for a few hours on a Saturday, it was ours. 
^^in my dreams, there is an avocado tree growing in my backyard.^^
^^we had dinner on the front porch of Neptune's Net as the sun was setting. like I said, heaven is a place on earth. (Belinda Carlisle, anyone?)^^
^^practicing for their first dance, clearly. these two are getting married in September, and we are beyond thrilled for them.^^
Easily one of the best day trips I've been on. The California coastline won my heart a little bit. Don't take it wrong way, New York. Despite your bipolar weather and ridiculous rental prices, I still love coming home to you.