A week of new things.

This week, man. It's been a wacky one. Our altered schedules and limited time together each day (one measly hour. boo.) have given us a new perspective. But we know that we're not the only ones in this position - some see their loved ones far, far less often - and we're thankful for that one little hour.

I'm still processing it all, it seems. I have a feeling this time is good; like I said in a note to Blake on his first day in the new office, "I know you'll think me silly for making a big deal of it, but one day we'll look back on this time and wish we'd given it a name, or at least recognized it for what it is." Isn't that true of life, in so many circumstances? We should be giving every second of it the respect it deserves, and then some. Live it twice, the blog writer says. I'm still learning it.

I'm off to finish up some packing and a school discussion before a quick work trip to California tomorrow. I am craaaving sunshine. This state better not play any weather games with me. I'm not messing around.

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  1. Safe flight and sunny skies for you, DIL!! Love you. MIL


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