Easter Sunday, 2014.

We stayed in the city again this Easter, needing some time at home, together, with our dog. This morning we slept in, made banana pancakes and headed to the 10am service at our church, which had a line wrapped around the block (even longer than last year's!). After the service, we took a walk through the park to the Upper East Side, where we had brunch with my grandparents at Island. It was as I had always known Easter Sunday growing up - nice weather, long church mornings and family brunches, minus the matching outfits and egg hunts. Something to miss and something to look forward to, when the time comes. 

This season is so important to us, symbolizing new birth and serving as a reminder of the freedom that we have through saving grace. Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. He is risen! 
^^i know, i know. so out of focus. better luck next time.^^

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