Just a short trip to Denver.

I'm back out west for another dietetic conference. It was one of the quickest trips of all time - just 24 hours in Denver and back on another plane to New York. On the way here, I had an entire (rowdy) college lacrosse team behind me, so my fingers are crossed for a more optimal situation this time around. Have you heard that I'm a curmudgeonly old man? I am.

Anyway, Denver is great. Lots of wide open spaces and Rocky Mountain views. Plus, I was able to see my great aunt and her husband while I was out here, which was lovely. We talked for hours about family history (my great-grandmother Frankie spoke fluent Norwegian, which makes me like her all the more) and animal nutrition and Europe. All of the usual things you talk about when you're related and haven't seen each other in years.

Homeward bound in T minus 2 hours.
 ^^my hair is (very much unintentionally) pulling a full-on Marsha Brady these days. I begged the hotel salon to end the madness, but they were having none of it. it's becoming a crisis situation.^^

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