^^we had a day off just after a snowfall and headed to the nearest park for some frisbee. I tried a new SoulCycle class with one of my first city friends (going on a few years now!), and couldn't sit down for three days afterward.^^
 ^^we celebrated Valgerdur's birthday over brownies and ice cream, and Gus befriended Brian quite quickly.^^
 ^^this bracelet is trumping everything else in my wardrobe lately, and we wished little sister a wonderfully happy birthday from afar.^^
^^we headed out to Pianos on a rainy Saturday night to see Great Caesar perform, and the waking hour in Central Park will be my favorite forever and ever, amen.^^
 ^^since Blake is now commuting out to his new CT office at 6:30 every morning, I'm making lemonade from those lemons and getting early workouts. This photo attests to the fact that I can hold a wall squat for the amount of time it takes to get a photo (but not much longer). and we're missing our friends Heather and Brian already.^^
 ^^Gus got his first BarkBox, and we were terribly excited. he, however, had no idea what was going on. Blake tried to educate my dad in the ways of basketball, but I'm not sure we're at the point of conversion yet.^^
 ^^spring is for window succulents, and Gus just baaaarely squeezed into his new bed in CT. bulldogs are notorious for underestimating their size.^^
 ^^we went for a long walk around Midtown as the weather started to turn, and I celebrated a client's two product of the year awards at the Edison Ballroom.^^
^^Gus just couldn't watch the awkward press interviews before the Oscars this year, and I was forced to adopt a penchant for evening tea drinking with the ridiculously cold temperatures this winter.^^

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