My trusty sidekick.

Yesterday I worked from home part of the morning because I was supporting a client activation in Times Square (just a hop, skip and a jump away) in the afternoon. This meant Gus had the privilege of sidekicking it, and he does it with such pizzazz. He really is the funniest creature I've ever laid eyes on. I'm fairly certain he's some sort of rare bear-pig-dog hybrid; a bigog, if you will.

In the evening, I took our bigog to the dog park to expend a little energy and assuage some of my dog parent guilt (gag. I just referred to myself as a "dog parent.") And then. AND THEN. Blake joined us, because he's been in the city at a healthcare conference for the last two days and was able to get home early. We were the happiest wife and bigog you ever did see.

Hope you had a similarly thrilling Wednesday.

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