The weather was beyond ideal for a nice trip up to Central Park on Saturday morning. We started a load of laundry, harnessed that pup of ours and walked the 10 blocks up to greener pastures. The thing is, our internal clocks are rocking and rolling at 6am these days, so we're lucky enough to be awake for those cool spring weekend mornings. I'm into it. I really am.

We were on deadline; the park is kind enough to let dogs roam free before 9am and after 9pm each day. Thus is born a new extreme sport we like to call "off-leashing" - a sport for me and Blake, mostly. It goes something like this: walk to location in the park with large canine gathering, pray for no picnics in vicinity, unleash bulldog with bowling ball-like tendencies, watch bulldog sprint like maniac through legs/over other dogs, apologize when grown man is almost knocked clear on hindquarters, hold breath while bulldog jumps up and down bleachers, avoid your own near-toppling, await tiring of wild beast. It's fun.

Before we headed back home, we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien for coffee and a small breakfast. I decided that this, this here. This is the perfect morning.

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