Off the grid for a while.

We left our pup at Blake's parents' house and are spending the evening in our home tonight before heading off to Italy, France and Spain tomorrow on a ten day vacation. We can hardly wait!


We bought a car!

This past weekend after some deliberation, we purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruze. As you know, we've been going back and forth on moving just outside the city so that Blake can drive the dog to work while I commute in. Our lease isn't up until October, but we've decided that moving to Stamford is probably the best thing for our family when that time comes.

We had the chance to tour a few places in Stamford (in between looking at and buying our car. ask me how much I slept on Sunday night.) and we absolutely fell in love with a building with spacious apartments and great amenities (rooftop pool and fire pits. we're clearly not in Manhattan anymore.) We're excited about all the potential that the move brings - more time together, opportunity for guests, room for a coffee table (!) but my heart aches a little bit, too. New York City is our home, still. We're just re-imagining what home looks like, and trying to find some compromise with our heads and our hearts. Stamford is only a 45 minute train commute, after all.

So here we go. Onward and upward. And with wheels, to boot.


Beach walk.

Sometimes when I'm out walking Gus in the city, (extremely clever) people will ask if I'm walking Gus or if he's walking me, given his rather hefty size. They will then laugh as if it's the funniest thing they've ever heard, and I will feign mild amusement while draaaagging the dog back to the apartment building. Comical. Please, keep laughing.

Strangers will also ask Gus what his name is. Not us. They will ask the dog. Another favorite: when tourists ask to take a picture with Gus. I'm beginning to think it's going to his head.
Anyway, here we are in our beach hometown this weekend. This last photo of Gus absolutely kills me. It must be framed for the desk ASAP.


A Thursday night celebration.

Look at that! I got ambitious and brought my camera along for a little celebration in Greenwich Village last night. Blake came into the city for a quick visit (you know, to his own home) and we made a special occasion out of it. We haven't had the chance to celebrate the completion of my nutrition certification through Tufts - it's been two years and some long, busy weekends/nights in the making, so commemoration was in order. 

The online class format is a tricky one, and not something I took on without thought. I love the classroom. I love sussing things out with fellow students, professors. I love being part of a larger school culture, and I wondered how much I would miss that while taking courses online. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much interaction I had with professors and other students from all over the country, each bringing their own fascinating perspectives. The hardest part, for me, has been the closure on a significant piece of the last two years of our lives; we move on with a whisper. 

And so there was a small toast to the end of that chapter, to being together, to warm May nights, to education and opportunity and figuring out life as we go. 
^^Dove Parlour: the very best happy hour spot in the city, straight out of the 1920s.^^


Tribeca from above.

Getting tired of iPhone photos? Yep, me too. I've been on the go for most of my waking hours lately - so much so that I haven't caught up on personal emails or watched any TV shows in more than two weeks (unless you count this YouTube show that my dad has had on a loop recently. rest soundly tonight knowing that this entertainment exists, and there's a growing market for it.) I've been giving my fiercest stink eye to anyone who dares speak above a whisper with Mad Men spoilers. Respect, people.

All this to say that you won't be seeing anything but iPhone photos in the near future, unless I'm feeling really ambitious. But who needs a real camera when you have spectacular rooftop views?

This past Monday night, I headed up to our office penthouse with a colleague for a guest lecture. We were thirty minutes late and the conference room doors were closed (womp. womp. it was Monday, after all.) so we went out to the rooftop to enjoy some of that 80 degree day. And everything the light touched was our kingdom.


Mostly Connecticut these days.

We've been a bit crazy lately; mentally, I've been all kinds of strange and new places, and none of it is coming out as a complete thought. We've been talking about moving away from the city, which excites me and saddens me in equal parts. One minute I'm over the moon about buying a new car, seeing my husband more and sending Gus off to work with him - the next minute I'm mourning the loss of Central Park and the life we've built here. It's still 50/50, but I'm prepping myself for it, regardless.

Please note that "away from the city" means a commute of less than an hour. But still.

In other news, we were back in Connecticut this weekend. We're headed to Europe two weeks from today (!!) so Blake has been staying in my parents' carriage house and working long hours during the month of May. I've been filling the work night gaps with social gatherings and errands, so it's been productive for both of us. Gus is with Blake at the office, but productivity doesn't exist in his world.

And a shout out to the women who raised us. We're so glad we got to spend the day with you yesterday, and we love you dearly.



^^eggs Florentine has been my brunch meal of choice, and Alfie's does it right. 
Gus met his miniature doppelganger on a walk one morning.^^
^^I had drinks with a friend at Briciola on Tuesday night and am a fan for life (go during off hours). 
spring is really showing off in Central Park these days.^^
^^I had dinner with friends at Ear Inn last night and took the long way home because it was so nice out. we've had quite a few rainy weekdays, but the Hudson sure is pretty in a fog.^^
^^I went to Apartment Therapy's 10th birthday with a few colleagues on Wednesday (one day my collection of photo booth images will embarrass me. not today, my friends. not today.) 
and I've settled back into an early morning gym routine that makes the day so much better.^^
^^my Tufts Nutrition Science Certification is officially complete; I turned in 36 pages on total antioxidant capacity on Saturday after spending much of my April travel time writing. I'll probably have more to say about that when I've had the chance to process...
and Blue Apron (cl) helped me make the best minestrone in the whole world.^^ 
^^Blake and Gus are inseparable (when they can be) these days, and they're awfully cute together.^^
^^I wait all year for this beautiful tree to bloom in our community garden. two weeks ago, it finally happened.
Gus can't even handle waiting for his papa to come home.^^
^^Blake spoke at a healthcare startup convention at Google last month (also, he is the most handsome)
and I supported a client event in Times Square one sunny (but still pretty cold) April day.^^
^^landing in Los Angeles is completely stunning,
and I loved spending time with these two while I was out on the West Coast.^^


The craftiest thing we've done all year.

The weekend before last (what seems like forever ago), Blake and I went on a painting date at The Art Studio NY, courtesy of HowAboutWe. Let me preface by saying that I've wanted to go on a painting date for months - something about the raw clarity of putting something on canvas to cleanse the soul. It wasn't like that, really. Painting is one of those things I only want to be good at; I want to be the type to sit contemplatively and translate a rich internal struggle in a visual way. Either the internal struggle isn't all that rich (and we knowww that's not true. even I don't fully understand my internal struggle, most days. see! more internal struggle.) or I'm a bit sketchy on the visual translation (highly likely), because I could have been done with this painting in fifteen minutes. Admittedly, it could use some refining, but we're super proud of it and it's currently hanging in our living room. 

You should know that Blake is a fantastic artist, but he specializes in drawing Disney characters. He's also a huge rule-breaker in the painting department. "The water drips are niiiice, Stevie. Just let it speak to you." 

In any case, we loved it. Two thumbs up for casual date nights that come with souvenirs! 


A few weekend thoughts.

We  needed a bit of quiet this weekend, so we headed out to see family and set up Blake's new office in Connecticut.

I took the train back with my brother-in-law this morning, and did a lot of thinking about where we are at this stage in our lives - not ready to leave the city, and I still wonder if we ever will be. There are so many reasons to appreciate this place, settle down in it, soak it up and give back to it. Even raise children in it, if you're able. It's just the missing that makes things difficult. We're lucky to miss people and places to the degree that we do.

In any case, there's a new week ahead, and I'm ready for it.
 ^^So apparently high school kids are challenging their friends to jump into freezing bodies of water these days. It looks like the anti-fun.^^


All work and no play.

I am here to testify that the status of a marriage can be examined through the following: (a) driving nearly an hour to drop off furniture, only to find out that you're locked out of your final destination and (b) putting together IKEA furniture.

This weekend we brought a few things to Blake's new office digs in Connecticut, and it was struggle city all the way. But here they are! All set up with coffee filters and fake plants and desk organizers, ready to take on the world!