A few weekend thoughts.

We  needed a bit of quiet this weekend, so we headed out to see family and set up Blake's new office in Connecticut.

I took the train back with my brother-in-law this morning, and did a lot of thinking about where we are at this stage in our lives - not ready to leave the city, and I still wonder if we ever will be. There are so many reasons to appreciate this place, settle down in it, soak it up and give back to it. Even raise children in it, if you're able. It's just the missing that makes things difficult. We're lucky to miss people and places to the degree that we do.

In any case, there's a new week ahead, and I'm ready for it.
 ^^So apparently high school kids are challenging their friends to jump into freezing bodies of water these days. It looks like the anti-fun.^^

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  1. Interesting how difficult it is to say goodbye to good things. Change is so difficult, right? But you'll be saying hello to (hopefully) even better things! :)


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