^^eggs Florentine has been my brunch meal of choice, and Alfie's does it right. 
Gus met his miniature doppelganger on a walk one morning.^^
^^I had drinks with a friend at Briciola on Tuesday night and am a fan for life (go during off hours). 
spring is really showing off in Central Park these days.^^
^^I had dinner with friends at Ear Inn last night and took the long way home because it was so nice out. we've had quite a few rainy weekdays, but the Hudson sure is pretty in a fog.^^
^^I went to Apartment Therapy's 10th birthday with a few colleagues on Wednesday (one day my collection of photo booth images will embarrass me. not today, my friends. not today.) 
and I've settled back into an early morning gym routine that makes the day so much better.^^
^^my Tufts Nutrition Science Certification is officially complete; I turned in 36 pages on total antioxidant capacity on Saturday after spending much of my April travel time writing. I'll probably have more to say about that when I've had the chance to process...
and Blue Apron (cl) helped me make the best minestrone in the whole world.^^ 
^^Blake and Gus are inseparable (when they can be) these days, and they're awfully cute together.^^
^^I wait all year for this beautiful tree to bloom in our community garden. two weeks ago, it finally happened.
Gus can't even handle waiting for his papa to come home.^^
^^Blake spoke at a healthcare startup convention at Google last month (also, he is the most handsome)
and I supported a client event in Times Square one sunny (but still pretty cold) April day.^^
^^landing in Los Angeles is completely stunning,
and I loved spending time with these two while I was out on the West Coast.^^

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