The craftiest thing we've done all year.

The weekend before last (what seems like forever ago), Blake and I went on a painting date at The Art Studio NY, courtesy of HowAboutWe. Let me preface by saying that I've wanted to go on a painting date for months - something about the raw clarity of putting something on canvas to cleanse the soul. It wasn't like that, really. Painting is one of those things I only want to be good at; I want to be the type to sit contemplatively and translate a rich internal struggle in a visual way. Either the internal struggle isn't all that rich (and we knowww that's not true. even I don't fully understand my internal struggle, most days. see! more internal struggle.) or I'm a bit sketchy on the visual translation (highly likely), because I could have been done with this painting in fifteen minutes. Admittedly, it could use some refining, but we're super proud of it and it's currently hanging in our living room. 

You should know that Blake is a fantastic artist, but he specializes in drawing Disney characters. He's also a huge rule-breaker in the painting department. "The water drips are niiiice, Stevie. Just let it speak to you." 

In any case, we loved it. Two thumbs up for casual date nights that come with souvenirs! 

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