Tribeca from above.

Getting tired of iPhone photos? Yep, me too. I've been on the go for most of my waking hours lately - so much so that I haven't caught up on personal emails or watched any TV shows in more than two weeks (unless you count this YouTube show that my dad has had on a loop recently. rest soundly tonight knowing that this entertainment exists, and there's a growing market for it.) I've been giving my fiercest stink eye to anyone who dares speak above a whisper with Mad Men spoilers. Respect, people.

All this to say that you won't be seeing anything but iPhone photos in the near future, unless I'm feeling really ambitious. But who needs a real camera when you have spectacular rooftop views?

This past Monday night, I headed up to our office penthouse with a colleague for a guest lecture. We were thirty minutes late and the conference room doors were closed (womp. womp. it was Monday, after all.) so we went out to the rooftop to enjoy some of that 80 degree day. And everything the light touched was our kingdom.

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