We bought a car!

This past weekend after some deliberation, we purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruze. As you know, we've been going back and forth on moving just outside the city so that Blake can drive the dog to work while I commute in. Our lease isn't up until October, but we've decided that moving to Stamford is probably the best thing for our family when that time comes.

We had the chance to tour a few places in Stamford (in between looking at and buying our car. ask me how much I slept on Sunday night.) and we absolutely fell in love with a building with spacious apartments and great amenities (rooftop pool and fire pits. we're clearly not in Manhattan anymore.) We're excited about all the potential that the move brings - more time together, opportunity for guests, room for a coffee table (!) but my heart aches a little bit, too. New York City is our home, still. We're just re-imagining what home looks like, and trying to find some compromise with our heads and our hearts. Stamford is only a 45 minute train commute, after all.

So here we go. Onward and upward. And with wheels, to boot.

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