Barcelona, Spain.

We did the most walking in Barcelona - from the port up to Park Guell and back down again. We figured at least 14 miles, with all of our wandering in between. Our tan lines were unbeatable that evening. 

The city wasn't what I expected. It's much like New York, in some ways - dotted with green spaces, obsessed with food and teaming with life. We loved it for that. But in all honesty, I'm not sure we experienced enough of Barcelona to really grasp it. Like our city, I got the sense that there was so much more to its story than the 14 miles we wandered. Then again, there always is. 
^^if only we could get these palm trees in NYC...^^
^^Casa Battlo^^
^^and Park Guell, another Gaudi masterpiece.^^
^^Church of the Sagrada Familia^^
^^right around the time this tiny steak came out, Blake decided he wasn't crazy about tapas.^^

So that was that. Beautiful Barcelona. 

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