Cannes, France.

I'm backlogged these days, if you haven't noticed. But here we are! Cannes photos, finally. 

Gosh, we loved Cannes. It was all sunshine and croissants and gorgeous hanging florals and white sandy beaches for us in the French Riviera. The kind of place that can really lay claim to a piece of your heart, you know? 
^^Blake was a little bit obsessed with this door. he made me stand in front of it for 343,506 photos, before the door's owner made her appearance. "no, we were not stalking your property. definitely not. nous ne sommes pas bizarre Americains."^^ 
^^whatever this flowering plant is, I want one.^^
^^and this apartment. I'm moving here tomorrow.^^
^^believe it or not, this was one of the first sights we stumbled upon. I like to think it called to us.^^ 
^^and oh, look! our boat! see the water slide that we never went on because we're lame/don't like swimming in one hundred toddlers' urine?^^
^^sweet little cafes everywhere you look.^^
^^and sweet little shops, mostly on this street.^^
^^right after I took this, a tired old dog walked over and lay at Blake's feet. he's a dog whisperer.^^
^^Carlton, you pretty thing.^^
^^and this place: home of the chocolate magnificence.^^
^^and this banana something-or-other.^^

France was a beauty, and I enjoyed her so. 


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