Palma, Spain.

From Cannes, we headed to Palma, the capital city of the Balaeric Islands. It's such a quiet little city, and we found ourselves taking this one at a slower pace. We wandered and shopped and drank cappuccino in the middle of a light rain, and polished it all off with a glass of sangria. When in Spain, right? 

I also had to use the most terrifying restroom of all time in Palma. It was in a dress shop overflowing with inexpensive vacation-wear, and I suppose I was desperate. The owner pointed me toward some very narrow stairs and said I would need to use my cell phone (one of the three English words she knew) to light my way. My friends, you have not experienced darkness like the darkness of that bathroom. There could have been a whole family of Spaniards in there, and my measly cell phone light wouldn't have uncovered them. 

Back in daylight, nothing but beauty. No captions necessary here. 

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  1. So beautiful :) Usually the lesser known cities turn out to be my favorite.


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