Pompeii, Italy.

We booked our trip to Pompeii just hours before we flew out to Europe - impulsive travel at its best, I like to think. Since Pompeii is just a short drive from Naples, the last stop on our cruise, we decided we needed to experience part of what made our combined years of Latin so memorable. While we explored, it all came back to me in a flood of present participles and declensions. Well, almost all. Or some, at least. 

Our guide didn't fully understand transitional devices, nor did he walk particularly quickly, but he got us to and from our intended destinations. That was something. 
^^Naples from the sea.^^
^^the Palaestra, an area intended for exercise and surrounded by gladiator cells.^^
^^a mix of shops and homes. the shops could be identified by a notch in the entryway signifying that the place had a sliding door, which maximized space.^^
^^raised pedestrian paths to keep feet out of their street sewage system. it must have smelled delightful.^^
^^stairway in a wealthy politician's home.^^
^^and the home's summer quarters, or peristylium.^^
^^city baths.^^
^^and the city forum, with a view of Vesuvius.^^
^^I'll be honest - we felt a little crazy taking a photo in a place where so many people had died. the gawking in general felt pretty crass. that's a discussion for another day (or another blog), and someone offered, so...^^
^^Temple of Apollo.^^
^^and the view from the city.^^

If you're looking for more about Pompeii, History.com is a good resource. Such a fascinating piece of history, and I'm so glad we were able to see it while we were in the Bay of Naples.

A stop in Sorrento and Positano wrapped up our trip - photos to come, if you can handle just a little bit more of Europe. And who can't, really? 

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  1. For me, Pompeii signified everything that was said about the Romans --their brilliance but also their love of wealth, their reverence for youthful and beautiful over age and wisdom. It really hit home for me their hedonism and humanism. I mean seriously, they put the cost of things engraved or tiled into the thing---I'm thinking of a hot tub there that has the cost in the laying of the tile!


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