Rome, Italy. (day 1)

We started our recent European adventure with a night at a little bed and breakfast in the Piazza Barberini in Rome (after surviving the flight. ask me about Blake's flying phobia when we've fully recovered. you marry a man and his phobias come along for the ride.) - a short walk from the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. Really, everything in Rome feels like a short walk, which was perfect for our allotted time. There was no messing around with fancy footwear on this trip. None at all.

I first visited the city four years ago during a college journalism seminar, just two weeks before Blake and I got married. On that trip, we stayed in a hostel with bunk beds, a shared bathroom (for more than 20 people) and owners who were high every time we saw them. The bar was set pretty low, but Rome was infinitely better this time around. Like a good wine, it seems to get better with (my) age.

Sooo here we go.
^^these streets are magically beautiful. you walk down them and turn into Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. proven fact.^^
 ^^the view from our hotel room. the surrounding streets were quite noisy at night, but these are things you overlook when you haven't slept in 24 hours.^^
 ^^cobblestones. window boxes. street lamps. are you with me?^^
 ^^also, motorbikes for all.^^
 ^^and a photo of no real significance other than to show you that Blake is still handsome, even in Europe. phew.^^
 ^^"I take photo of you, you take photo of me." we're very good at sharing. sometimes.^^
 ^^above the Spanish Steps: the most spectacular view.^^
 ^^also, street vendors. many of them are offering roses. when we return in the future, I will learn how to say, "I will give you lots of euros if you tell all of your friends that I do not like to be harassed with florals of any kind." or something like that.^^
 ^^can we all agree that this is fantastic? yes? moving on.^^
 ^^the Spanish Steps were both underwhelming and overwhelming at mid-day. when we walked back through in the evening, it was quiet and lovely and I didn't have my camera. so this is it.^^
 ^^gelato, take one. we came back to this exact. same. place. not five hours after this photo was taken. I'm a little more proud than I am embarrassed of the fact, so it's going on the blog.^^
 ^^more loveliness! around every corner!^^
 ^^and then we stumbled upon the Pantheon, my very favorite.^^
 ^^I was not kidding about the footwear bit. Blake has recently taken to wearing sandals. I'm accepting it.^^
 ^^the window boxes, though.^^
 ^^and the secret courtyards overflowing with greenery.^^
 ^^we headed to the ruins...^^
 ^^and ended up at the Colosseum, which was kind of one of those "welp. saw that." stops on our grand tour. mostly because it had closed by the time we got there. no disrespect, Colosseum. you're a testament to some of the truly monumental and truly terrible things human beings are capable of.^^
^^before heading to our hotel to get ready for dinner, we stopped at the Trevi Fountain and threw in two coins. no photos shown, because our wishing faces are non buono.^^

There you have it. Day one. More Rome to come, then off to Florence! 


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels in Italy. I hope to visit...someday :)

    xo Stephanie


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