Rome, Italy. (day 2)

We slept through a whole hour of our alarm going off on day two of our vacation, so we ended up waking up to one of the owners of the B&B - a sweet Italian woman who brought us more bread products than we knew what to do with. It was probably the most adorable situation I've ever been in. 

Also, Italians and their carbohydrates, guys. I feel like we must be related. 

So after our foray into the magical land of breakfast breads, we headed off to the Vatican to hear the Pope speak. Except we didn't actually know we were going to hear him speak. That just kind of happened. 
^^green water never looked so pretty.^^
^^the throngs of Catholics and non-Catholics alike. authority is having hundreds congregate in papal interest on a hot day.^^
^^see him? barely?^^
^^and then back across the Tiber to collect our things and head to the train.^^
^^but first, a quick stop to admire a little old man and his flowers. Rome is incredible like that.^^

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