The first day of my 26th year.

^^thanks to my sweet friend Michelle for modeling the excitement^^

Eventually, I WILL get to the end of our Europe and Hilton Head photos. Eventually. But today, it's my 25th birthday. It also happens to be the day our department celebrates the fiscal year end, so there have been parties throughout the day. When I walked off the elevators this morning, there were balloons and tinsel everrryyywhere, and I was like, "For me?! You shouldn't have." We've had bagels, Shake Shack delivered via a cart and an ice cream sandwich bar. So, you know, all healthy things.

Tonight I'm headed out to dinner with my husband, mother, sister and cousin, and I can't wait. I'm rather liking year 26 so far. It's going to be a good one. I can feel it.


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