Summer evenings in HK.

Summer evenings in our apartment come with the most beautiful soft orange glow. I'm feeling even more prematurely nostalgic about it than is normal (or healthy?), but the thought of moving away from our garden and favorite restaurants and paper-thin walls and poorly-ventilated bathroom and fantastic views has me a bit weepy lately. I'll miss it. The whole lot of it. Especially this time of day, and spending it with the person and bulldog who make our tiny space a home.


One lazy weekend to rule them all.

^^this animal needs to stick his chin in everything.^^
In the midst of this season's wacky schedules, this weekend came along in all of its lazy glory, and we saw that it was good. Blake and Gus came home on Friday night and stayed through this morning, and it was a weekend of early bedtimes and easy mornings. On Saturday we walked Gus up to the park, grabbed coffee at Le Pain, sat below those beautiful American elms and talked for hours.

Lately, nerves have gotten in the way of perspective. Being with these two helps, and I've been meditating on words written by a friend earlier last week - "you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time." These are some of the sweetest years, I think.

Other weekend things:
*finishing up this book written by the lead pastor at our church, which is such a great read for those looking to bring more purpose and impact to their career.
*and our church! it was so nice to be back.
*we went out to brunch with some friends and their baby, who made parenting look ever so appealing...
*and we ordered from all of our favorite places over the course of the weekend. this one and this one before discovering WunWun and having Doughnut Plant delivered. one of our finer moments.
*we also watched this documentary and this classic movie. both were so well done (but fair warning: not terribly uplifting.)

Hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are!


Savannah, Georgia.

The rule of the universe is this: as soon as you're resigned to the fact that you have lost something and move forward with replacing that lost item, the item will magically reappear. Such was the case with the SD card containing these photos from our trip to Savannah last month. 

Ready to be inundated with southern charm? Here you go. 

We only spent a day in Savannah after our friends' wedding in Hilton Head, but I'm so glad we had the chance to explore. This place is beautiful. It's also crazy hot even at the beginning of June, so we'd suggest a trip in winter months. Blake has the unfortunate habit of melting when temperatures get into the 90s, so we ended up doing some sightseeing via car later in the afternoon. 

^^I'm certain I've been here in my dreams before. River Street Sweets, guys. It'll charm your pants off.^^
^^and this place for lunch, complete with a live pianist. also dreamy.^^
^^while we're on the dreamy theme... obviously this is Blake's natural stance. not pictured: lots of sweat.^^
^^and we'll end with Spanish moss, because I think we can all agree that it's a natural wonder.^^


Magic at the Waldorf.

Just a few photos from our evening with Steve Cohen this past weekend. We loved spending some time with my sister and her husband, and gosh, I love a good excuse to get dressed up. This red(ish) scalloped, backless dress was divine for a night of magic. Admittedly, it was a little snug after dinner, but priorities.

And a big thank you to my grandparents for these tickets!


Saturday at home (finally!), and other weekend things.

^^this vine crept up from our community garden, and we're loving it.^^
The two of us were home in the city for nearly 48 hours this weekend. Blake arrived just in time for dinner on Friday night, and we both wore big, goofy smiles like we were sixteen and just realized we were allowed to date. We headed down to the West Village with no real goal outside of walking and breathing in July in the city. Cafe Condesa is where we ended up - a brilliant call on our part. One of those dinners you talk about until people wonder if you eat anywhere else. 

And there were other weekend things, too! 
*we had tickets to Steve Cohen at the Waldorf Astoria on Saturday night, and we completely geeked out. the tea kettle trick (more on that here) will boggle my mind forever. 
*my sister and her husband joined us, and we went out to dinner at Joe Allen afterward. 
*there was brunch at one of our favorites, followed by a long Saturday run and walk in the park. side note: back in June, we tried to go out to brunch in Stamford. "oh no, we don't do brunch on Saturdays in Stamford," one waiter told us. there was maybe a little part of me that was not okay with our impending move when that piece of information was shared. we will bring Saturday brunch to you, Stamford. just you wait. 
*I just wrapped up this book, which was so, so good. other recommendations from the last few weeks: this and this and this ("I can't be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight" - the full context here turned me inside out.)
*and this show, revisited. 
*on Sunday, we woke up bright and early, brewed up a pot of coffee and took the train out of the city. from Connecticut, we drove to the Boston area to visit friends. we had lunch with Heather and Brian and saw Rachel's play, which was beautiful experiential theater. 

And these are the things I'd like to remember, please and thank you. 


This one's for the dolls.

When I first started working in New York years ago (years! three of them!), I worked with the loveliest group of dolls. As interns, we were seated on the thirteenth floor - a floor below most of the rest of the company. There blossomed a camaraderie of the best kind. A friendship born of competition for the maple cinnamon oatmeal, sympathy for those assembling feminine care mailers and support during the character-defining "intern project." A dollhouse sometimes likened to Katherine Mansfield's "The Doll's House." And that was where we lived. 

Since taking different paths, the dollhouse now reunites every few months to discuss where we've been and where we're going. Last Thursday marked one of those reunions, in honor of a doll who is headed out to the West Coast. California, you're about to get a little cooler. 

And happy Friday, all! Blake is in the city this weekend, so I'm all smiles. 
 ^^dolls not pictured: Georgie, Sarah and Becca.^^
^^points for getting these on a fire escape and not dropping a phone.^^


A wedding in Fall River.

This past weekend, two of Blake's college friends were married, and he was in their wedding (with the very shiniest shoes). Blake headed up on Friday for a bachelor party and I met him just before the rehearsal on Saturday, which was at an awesome seafood restaurant overlooking Mt. Hope Bay.

The whole weekend wasn't unlike being in college again, and I think we all realized how much we missed it. There's even an RV trip in the works for the coming year, though we're trying to sway everyone toward something a little more tropical with a lower risk of bodily harm. We'll see. 
^^roommates, five years later. also, coincidentally, all friends who were in our wedding.^^
We love you, Heaths! 

You may have noticed an overwhelming amount of iPhone photos lately - that's because my SD card has gone missing. An order for a new one has been placed, though I do hope the old one with Savannah photos turns up somewhere...


Pup turns three.

Gusington Churchill turned three yesterday. Naturally, we celebrated with all of his favorite things: turducken from a can, large toys with lots of squeakers and snuggles.

We love you, pup. Happy third birthday!


Just last night.

Here's the thing: living alone really isn't so bad. I say that with limited experience this summer, as Blake works in Connecticut and sleeps in my parents' carriage house (bless you, parents). But I like to think I've gotten my fair share of solo-habitation out of this life, despite getting married at the ripe young age of 20. Somehow, NYC has forced the situation for periods of time.

Don't get me wrong - my husband is wonderful, and pretty easy to live with. I also know that solitude has the tendency to drive you insane. After a couple months of this, I will admit that I'm starting to hear voices, though it may be the result of my neighbor-noise paranoia. Living next to college guys will ruin you for all of eternity. But for this short time, the separation has made the heart grow fonder, and the extra time with friends, ability to choose whatever I want for dinner and opportunity to take the long way home has done a body good.

Basically, I'm just happy that I can eat frozen yogurt for dinner every once in a while and no one is the wiser. Except you now, I suppose.

I took the long way to a friend's house just last night, and spotted a middle-aged woman in an orange cowboy hat and tutu, a bearded gentleman who was more beard than gentleman and Hare Krishna in a thong. The things you'd miss if someone were waiting for you at home.