A wedding in Fall River.

This past weekend, two of Blake's college friends were married, and he was in their wedding (with the very shiniest shoes). Blake headed up on Friday for a bachelor party and I met him just before the rehearsal on Saturday, which was at an awesome seafood restaurant overlooking Mt. Hope Bay.

The whole weekend wasn't unlike being in college again, and I think we all realized how much we missed it. There's even an RV trip in the works for the coming year, though we're trying to sway everyone toward something a little more tropical with a lower risk of bodily harm. We'll see. 
^^roommates, five years later. also, coincidentally, all friends who were in our wedding.^^
We love you, Heaths! 

You may have noticed an overwhelming amount of iPhone photos lately - that's because my SD card has gone missing. An order for a new one has been placed, though I do hope the old one with Savannah photos turns up somewhere...

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