Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

I'm resigned to the fact that this summer will be an unsettled one. We're hardly home anymore, what with weddings and travels and needing to be together somewhere with our pup and a pool. These things are good, and summer is a time to restructure and reevaluate, after all.

Speaking of travel, we headed up to Boothbay Harbor, Maine for a wedding at the end of June. It's the sweetest little town and we enjoyed it immensely - a quiet so far removed from what we know in the city. We drove up early one Saturday morning and stayed through the following afternoon, eating lobster and wandering candy shops and running against the most perfect harbor breeze. It was a dream. 
^^it was a reunion of sorts, since we hadn't seen these college roommates (and groomsmen) of Blake's in a long, long time.^^
^^this is New England.^^
^^and this is the beautiful bride and groom.^^
 ^^and this is my husband, the fiercest dancer in all the land.^^
^^the morning after the wedding, I woke up early to get some exercise and explore the town before Blake wrestled himself out of bed. this was the view from our room (for a low, low price! a great vacation spot for those on a budget).^^
^^we bought so much salt water taffy from Gimbel & Sons.^^
 ^^and finished off the weekend with a slice of blueberry pie at the Lobster Dock.^^


  1. where i spent my first honeymoon!

  2. Gosh, is this place real life?! Precious and adorable doesn't even begin to adequately describe it.

  3. I miss Maine in the summertime! It's pure magic.


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