Just last night.

Here's the thing: living alone really isn't so bad. I say that with limited experience this summer, as Blake works in Connecticut and sleeps in my parents' carriage house (bless you, parents). But I like to think I've gotten my fair share of solo-habitation out of this life, despite getting married at the ripe young age of 20. Somehow, NYC has forced the situation for periods of time.

Don't get me wrong - my husband is wonderful, and pretty easy to live with. I also know that solitude has the tendency to drive you insane. After a couple months of this, I will admit that I'm starting to hear voices, though it may be the result of my neighbor-noise paranoia. Living next to college guys will ruin you for all of eternity. But for this short time, the separation has made the heart grow fonder, and the extra time with friends, ability to choose whatever I want for dinner and opportunity to take the long way home has done a body good.

Basically, I'm just happy that I can eat frozen yogurt for dinner every once in a while and no one is the wiser. Except you now, I suppose.

I took the long way to a friend's house just last night, and spotted a middle-aged woman in an orange cowboy hat and tutu, a bearded gentleman who was more beard than gentleman and Hare Krishna in a thong. The things you'd miss if someone were waiting for you at home.

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  1. bahaha and yes, you wouldn't get beautiful photos like that either! evening walks in the city sometimes are just the best. especially when we've been having such AMAZING weather this year, right?!


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